Steven Leach   B. App. Sc.,  LL. M.

Steven has been a partner in Ridout and Maybee, one of Canada’s top IP Law Firms since 2000. He has personally handled Drystill’s intellectual property needs and has this to say about it:

“As a working patent agent, the projects that interest me include societal usefulness, technological complexity and robust proof of concept and breadth.  Anyone that examines the Drystill patent portfolio will immediately appreciate that it has all of these in abundance.  That undoubtedly accounts, at least in part, for the success I enjoyed prosecuting the portfolio: I can’t imagine that the patent examiners of the world could be immune to the joy associated with the grant of patents for products and processes that pose the potential to meaningfully reduce the use of fossil fuels and democratize energy production worldwide.   Working on the Drystill portfolio has been the highlight of my career.”


Patent Portfolio