Pass-through Distillation, A New Player in Separation Technology


Distillation remains the most used separation technology in the chemical industry, in spite of its large energy demands caused by low thermodynamic efficiency. Pass-through distillation (PTD) is an emerging hybrid separation technology that efficiently combines distillation with absorption. The basic idea of pass-through distillation involves the decoupling of the evaporation and condensation steps of a distillation process, by means of an absorption-desorption loop that passes through the component to be separated and thus allows the use of different pressures and types of heating/cooling utilities. Its main applications are in areas where conventional distillation  does not work, and other methods are either too costly or prone to fouling.

Anton A. Kiss, AkzoNobel –Supply Chain, Research & eDvelopment, Ian .R McGregor, Chris H. Belchers, Drystill Holdings Inc., Steven Furlong, Fielding Chemical Technologies Inc.

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