Welcome to Drystill
Drystill has invented a disruptive and revolutionary, chemical- separation platform, based on thermally-integrated, evaporation and gas absorption (TIEGA™) principles.

Several critical applications have been developed for the Biochemical industry. These will lead to a paradigm shift in the production methods for 1st and 2nd generation biofuels. Furthermore, the technology also has application in other industries.

Drystill’s TIEGA technology will have a major impact on the science and economics of biofuel production, by:
  • Improving product yield
  • Reducing operating costs particularly energy consumption & capital investment
  • Lowering greenhouse gas emissions
TIEGA technology scales readily upwards and downwards. It can be retrofitted to existing corn plants, or applied to the design and construction of future Biorefineries.
"Producers cannot look to the external factors in the market to correct their financial performance. Internal factors related to producers’ inefficiencies, overhead costs. and capital structure will need to be the primary focus.”

— Peter Dominici
Ethanol Producer Magazine, February 2011
“How Should Ethanol Producers Respond to External Conditions”